The establishment of this graduate institute is to provide an environment for systematic learning for in-service people in the business community. The teaching goal is to expand the international vision for middle- and high-level managers in the industry, establish their analytical perspectives and structures, and improve decision-making quality and management capabilities in order to respond to the development of a globalizing competitive environment. The teaching is practice-oriented and involves various case studies. In order to grasp the pulse of the times and directly integrate with the international community, the relevant courses have been hosted by the industry's elite together with academic professors and the short-term lectures presented by the invited guest professors are often world-renowned scholars and practitioners.

In view of the global trend in economic and trade freedom and regional integration, the transformation of the new economic order is accelerating. In line with this trend in world economic and trade integration, the institute achieves to actively cultivate professionals in both international business management and practice. The Institute has three groups in different professional fields, including international business, human resources and finance.