The Department of International Business Administration aims to cultivate the ethical literacy middle-level managers who have the capabilities of strategic decision-making and business operation. Additionally, by providing students with internationalized and professionalized courses and systematized e-learning and practice-connected learning environment, our program further strives to develop students with the core abilities of entrepreneurial managers.


Distinguishing Features of the Department of International Business Administration

1.    Emphasizing to cultivate students with global views and discernment in markets;

2.    Cultivating the polymaths for general business;

3.    Developing students with the crucial capabilities and skills of “International Marketing” and “ International Human Resource Management” for “Service Business”;

4.    Accentuating the practical application of managerial skills and providing students with at least one institution visit annually;

5.    Combing the courses with licenses related to “Strategic Management”, “Project Management”, “Marketing”, and “Human Resource”;

6.    Offering students with diverse curriculum modules;

7.    Providing students with opportunities of further MBA education;

8.    Providing diverse and well-experienced teaching faculty and “informationized” and “systemized” learning environments.

9.    Stressing the importance of student’s basic computer and data processing skills;

10.  Emphasizing the development of English skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing: cooperating with State University of New York at Buffalo, and implementing the small-sized class lectures.